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4 Optional Cosmetic Makeup Sponge Materials

Beauty sponge is a kind of makeup product that is commonly used now. There are also many brands on the market that have launched beauty egg products. Although the effect seems to be the same, the texture is different, and the sense of use is also different.

Our hot selling beauty sponges: Teardrop-shaped beauty sponge, gourd-shaped beauty sponge, bevel-cut beauty sponge and more. The above styles are sold well all over the world. They are made of latex pu, which becomes larger when exposed to water, and is super soft. It meets different makeup needs and creates a flawless base makeup.
Microfiber velvet sponges: It has obtained an exclusive patent in 2017. It does not tear off, no broken and its super soft, and does not save powder inside. Best-selling in European and American countries.
Made of imported rubycell meaterial, it becomes larger when exposed to water, super soft.
Plant-based beauty sponges: Use plant ingredients are used instead of PU ingredients, and plant ingredients account for 63% of the total product ingredients. Compared with traditional materials, it is more environmentally friendly and natural.
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high-quality Hydrophillic PU sponges manufacturer

Our team offers excellent OEM&ODM services, including logo and package design, to help you customize products for your brand.

Whether you need small batch wholesale orders or just want to get free samples before making a purchase, we are happy to assist you. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is always available to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

OEM Your Logo
Just provide us with your logo file, and our designerwill realize your idea.
wholesale of standard
You can directly choose the products of Aosite brand orany neutral packaging.
OEM Your Package
Tell us your color requirements, we can help youdesign the inner and outer packaging of the product.
100+ Custom R&D Cases (Logo/Shape/Color/Packaging); Deep Customization (Material /Functional Design) e.g. Biodegradable & Water Absorption
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Multiple optional makeup sponge shapes

There are various shapes of beauty sponges on the market, including drop-shaped, block-shaped, gourd-shaped, mushroom-shaped, heart-shaped, etc., each of which is used differently. I will briefly share it below.
Bevel cut sponge
The cube is still good. It is one-time use and disposable. It is very convenient and fast. It does not need to be cleaned
Tear drop shape
The mushroom head puff has a handle, which is very convenient to hold and carry.
Marble color sponge (2)
The drop shape is a classic of beauty sponges, 360 degrees without edges and corners, it is very docile to press on the face.
5 (4)
The gourd-shaped beauty sponge is also one of the classic models. It is said that the first batch of beauty eggs appeared in China in this shape.
4 (5)
The oblique cut type is a very useful model. It can be said to be an upgraded version of the water drop type.
p2 (2)
Diamond-shaped beauty sponges have become increasingly popular in the makeup industry due to their unique shape and design.
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Yes, Free samples can be offer.
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We ususally ship via Express, 3-5 days.
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Yes, Customized shape is work, we will need a drawing with exact size. About colors, just give us a pantone No., then we can match it. 7-10 days request.
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Yes, we have some regular stock for plain package, with your logo, small order go sticker, large one printed directly.
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Stock color 7-10 days, Customized shape and color 20-25 days.
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Have many years of production experience and technical strength, have a series of exclusive patented products, and are deeply loved and trusted by the majority of customers.
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