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Yally Cosmetics Industrial (Huizhou) Co.,Ltd
Yally Cosmetics Industrial (Huizhou) Co.,Ltd,(former name is Shenzhen Qianzibaimei Cosmetic Industrial Co.,Ltd, moved to Huizhou in 2016) is a professional PU sponges manufacturer, engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of cosmetic sponges, makeup puffs and makeup tools.
Established in 2016
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Production Strength
Focusing on the research and development, production and sales of beauty sponges and makeup puffs for 10 years, Yally have:
  Experienced team: Yally's team is composed of a group of experienced and innovative professionals. They have in-depth expertise and skills to provide you with the best solution.

  High-quality raw materials: Yally use the best raw materials, including natural latex, high-quality sponge and fiber materials, etc. The materials are not only high quality, but also durable and comfortable.

  Advanced Technology:Yally use the most advanced production technology to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. Yally production line adopts highly automated technology, which greatly improves production efficiency.

  Strict Quality Control: Yally has strictly control the quality of  the products, and all products must undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.

  Professional service concept:TYally's team provides professional service concept and can provide you with the best solution and technical support. Always adhere to the customer-centric concept and provide you with the best quality service.
Quality Testing

Yally always focusing on beauty sponges, makeup puffs and makeup tools adheres to the concept of customer first, and the quality control of products is very strict. Yally are not only pursuing the quality of products, but also committed to providing customers with products that are assured and worry-free.

strict quality inspection before leaving the factory

   Yally's quality inspection process adopts 100% manual inspection, and each product must undergo strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. Yally professional quality inspection team will conduct strict inspections on all products, including size, shape, density, elasticity, texture, hygiene, etc. Whether it is a quality problem or an appearance problem,

   Yally will do our best to find the problem and correct it. In this way, we can ensure the quality and reliability of the products and allow customers to use our products with confidence.

Yally's goal is to provide the customers with the highest quality beauty sponges, makeup puffs and makeup tools
   Yally's quality control standards exceed industry standards. Yally use high-quality raw materials, advanced production equipment and exquisite production technology to ensure that the quality and performance of products meet the highest standards. At the same time, Yally also attach great importance to environmental protection in the production process, using efficient waste gas treatment equipment and advanced waste treatment technology to ensure that the production process will not cause any negative impact on the environment.

   Yally are committed to bringing the best user experience to our customers. Yally believe that high-quality products and services are an important cornerstone of enterprise development. Therefore, they have been committed to improving the quality of products and service levels to meet the needs and expectations of customers. Yally's goal is to provide the customers with the highest quality beauty sponges, makeup puffs and makeup tools, so that customers can feel extremely satisfied and proud when using the products.

bring better experience to customers

In the future development, Yally will continue to maintain strict control over product quality and focus on customer service. Yally will continue to uphold the concept of customer first, continuously improve product quality and service level, and bring better experience to customers. Yally believe that through our continuous efforts, Yally will win the trust and support of our customers and become a leader in the industry of beauty sponge, makeup puff and makeup tools.

Our Community Responsibility

Yally specializing in the production of beauty sponges, makeup puffs and makeup tools, they are well aware of the social responsibility. Yally have been committed to providing the customers with high-quality, beautiful and durable beauty tools, while also paying attention to environmental protection and employee welfare. 

Yally also pay great attention to environmental protection. Yally believe that sustainable development is an important part of corporate social responsibility. Therefore, they minimize energy consumption and waste generation during the production process, and use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to reduce environmental pollution and damage. They also encourage employees to actively participate in environmental protection activities, promote energy-saving and emission-reduction measures, and contribute to environmental protection. They also encourage employees to actively participate in environmental protection activities, promote energy-saving and emission-reduction measures, and contribute to environmental protection.
focus on employee benefits
Yally also focus on employee benefits. They believe that employees are the most valuable asset of an enterprise. They provide employees with a good working environment and benefits, and encourage them to learn and grow continuously at work. They also pay attention to the mental health of employees, regularly organize mental health training and activities, and provide employees with good work experience and interpersonal relationsh
Goals and Commitments

Our aim is to give a quality product with a competitive price. We have researched the quality of the materials and carefully test our films to ensure a certainty that those who buy our products are sure to have made the right choice and are purchasing the best specification. We cherish our customers very much. There is no factory without mistakes in the world. We treat every customer as a VIP. If our products have quality problems, we never escape. We ask customers to send back samples, check where the problems are, and compensate for losses.After checked the problem then we will improve and won't make the same mistakes.

Our Honor Certificate
In addition, we have obtained ISO9001:2015 , BSCI certificates and passed Sedex audit. Selling well in all around the world, our products are also exported to US, Europe, Russia, India, Austrialia. We welcome OEM and ODM orders, we have had a good reputation among our customers and have long cooperation with some famous company. We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to cooperate with us for common success.
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